Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner - POZ 1.0

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The vegetables and fruits we get from the market are coated with pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals do not get washed away completely by just water. As a result, we expose ourselves to the adverse effects of these harmful chemicals and pesticides which can lead to health problems. Prestige Clean Home Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner works on Ozone Purification Technology and removes bacteria, fungi, residual pesticides and insecticides from fruits and vegetables, keeping you and your family free from health hazards. To ensure that the food you serve your family is absolutely safe and retains its nutritional value, purify the vegetables and fruits with the Clean Home Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner and take a step towards a healthy life.It comes in a compact space saving design, can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a counter. Also it is portable and hence convenient to use. Key Features : • No more chemicals and pesticides • Kills harmful bacteria • Keeps food fresh • Deodorizes meat and seafood • Compact Space saving Design • Timer function • Zero maintenance • Can be used for Vegetables, Fruits, Lentils, Meat and Sea Food

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