Air Fryer PAF -4.0

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Less oil is more health. Isn't it? Presenting Prestige air fryer, the healthy alternative to fried food. Enjoy oil free chips, snacks, meat etc. without guilt. What more? The food tastes exactly like the oil fried foods you are so familiar with. The attractively styled Prestige air fryer allows you to fry, grill, bake and roast in a healthy and oil freeway. With its advanced features such as 30 minutes timer, easy to use controls, easy to clean, carrying handle for portability and accessories .It comes with 1400 watts power and 2.2 litres capacity. The prestige air fryer is a healthier alternative in your kitchen. How it works? The Prestige 4.0 2.2 Litres Air Fryer uses hot air to prepare low fat meals. The air fryer makes use of hot air circulation very vigorously around the food content placed in the basket. The fryer uses a grill and a fan to blast hot air around the food with high speed. This super-heated air is circulated to all sides at once in order to heat and cook the food. The air fryer can be used to get eatables fried, roasted, toasted or even baked within few minutes to get healthy, fast and delicious food.

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